Total Vapor Solutions(TVS) has the expertise to help you decide what type of mitigation system is appropriate for your site. Once a decision is made, TVS can contract and oversee the installation of the mitigation system to ensure proper performance of the system. What type of mitigation system do you need? Is a pre-construction barrier system the right solution? Active or passive sub-slab depressurization system? Coating system for existing sites where penetrating the floor is not the best option? TVS can help you decide on the proper system for your project.

Once it has been determined that mitigation of the vapor intrusion condition is warranted, how is this accomplished? Whether you are interested in doing preemptive mitigation to potentially expedite a real estate project or your site has been determined to present a risk to the current or future occupants of a structure, what next. Total Vapor Solutions has the expertise to help you decide if a barrier system, sub-slab depressurization system, aerated floor or a surface coating system is best for your job. Once the appropriate method is selected, Total Vapor Solutions can contract the work thru our network of mitigation contractors.