Total Vapor Solutions has conducted projects in 3 countries and over 30 states. Projects have included jobs as small as 3 sub-slab samples to projects as large as an assessment of 110 homes with the collection of over 1000 summa canisters. A few example projects are detailed below.

Former Fort Gillem – Atlanta, Georgia. Project involved the testing of soil gas, sub-slab, crawl space, indoor air and ambient air sampling. Over 1000 summa canisters were collected over a 12 month period.

Confidential Site. Project includes the investigation of over 80 homes within a neighborhood. Collection of indoor air, ambient air and sub-slab samples.

Commercial Facility – Los Angeles, CA. Phase II project for a east coast based consulting firm included the collection of near-slab exterior sol gas samples, sub-slab samples and the preparation of a basic risk analysis. Project was completed within an expedited time frame to meet a real estate closing deadline

2 Square Mile Area – Birmingham, AL. Passive vapor samplers (Beacon) were used to determine possible sources of petroleum contamination that homeowners were complaining about during periods of heavy rainfall. In addition to source determination, passive samplers were  used to determine air quality around  townhome units.